Five Secrets to Flower Pictures


You don’t have to be a professional photographer to capture great flower pictures, whether you want to display the splendor of roses in your garden or shoot pictures of flowers during your trip. Flower pictures will get everyone’s attention which allows you to create individual colorful pictures! And best of all, you can shoot stunning looking flower pictures with almost any type of camera. Here are five secrets to taking pictures of great flowers.

Tip 1: Light for flower pictures

It can be annoying to wait for the brightest afternoon sun to take pictures of your flowers. This is actually one of the worst times, because powerful sunlight will wash out your image, and can create harsh shadows.

Instead, take pictures of the flower when it is so windy, or in the morning, afternoon or evening when the sun is brighter and not more powerful. This will result in more orange hues in the floral colors.

Tip 2: Surface with flowers

Move around, to get pictures of unique and beautiful flowers. Stand up and don’t shoot. Try to stand above it at the same level, stand above it or even shoot below it. Try all kinds of angles to get the best possible texture. How to play with distance, how close or far you are.

Tip 3: Focus on the flowers

Make sure you have a central view, whether it’s a cluster of brightly colored flowers or just a toy. Thirdly, follow the principle of photography. Look for conflicts in this scene, which can help your flowers stand out. Perhaps there is a yellow flower in the green meadow, and the contrasting flowers in the colors can make the main focus of the main scene.

Make sure you pay attention to everything in your frame. Look especially for nervous or unfamiliar things or lines in the foreground and background. If you encounter it, try to move to another position to shoot.

Tip 4: Keep it up

The image of a potentially beautiful flower can be ruined by something like human instinct. Even if you think your hand is stable, you may be surprised that it moves. Try using a tripod (you can also get a mini tripod if you don’t want to rotate too much).

Tip 5: Add some massage to your flowers

Don’t shoot flowers, but find unique ways to catch flowers or flowers. You can try to throw in the environment some natural flowers, such as dangerous grapes. You can also see insects on the flowers to make for an interesting flower image. The soft light increases the color saturation of the flower images.

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