How to Take Great Pictures with a Phone (Or another Camera Phone)


Whether in a wallet, in a pocket, or attached to a belt, cell phones are always with us. This makes a cell phone camera to take pictures by a lot of people. Not because they’re more like massive cameras but because they’re easier.

Like any change in photography, it is not without controversy. There’s even more debate about whether one can take a “serious” approach to photography and shoot unless someone is better at taking cell phone pictures. No question, much more time passes.

Learn Control

Upstairs excited mother and daughter carry themselves to put on the rig. Like any camera, you first need to know how your photography works. Some camera phones allow you to do more than flash on and off while others give you the option to control some zoom and perspective. Take a moment to look at your camera manual and learn what your camera phone is capable of.

Be Rock Solid

A mobile phone on a tripod filming on the hillside. Shaking pictures of immigrants using any kind of camera and cell phone is especially bad about shaking. That’s why most people take pictures with their phones away from their bodies where it’s impossible to stop shaking your arm.

Because there is no impression that you do not keep the phone in your eyes or take it close to your body to help stabilize the shot like you would on a conventional camera.

You have several options for stabilizing your cell phone camera:

  • Use two hands to minimize shaking
  • Buy a tripod
  • Download an image stabilization app
Flash Off

Multi-ethnic military group befriends mobile phones on rooftops using flash at night. If you must use your phone’s flash, you risk a really nasty extra risk on nearby subjects. Cool down the hardness of the flash to break the light with a little wax paper (diffused it). Just make sure not to make wax paper on the wax lens.

Remember that when you throw out the light it makes the scene a little more dimensional with the thickness of the wax bit until you get the right amount without losing much flash power.

The Structure Is King

Making smartphone photos on the mountain. When you don’t have a camera (in this case an iPhone or other cell phone camera) how to record a picture, you don’t have much control over it. When you record the image, you have to fall back on the structure. A strong structure can overcome numerous problems with exposure, soft focus, and noise. It won’t cure everything but it can easily save the boundary line image. Learn about perspectives, leading lines, natural frames, and horizontal vs. vertical shots.

Pump Your Camera On Steroids

Apps for iPhones and Android phones have the added benefit of having Tunes apps on your phone to give you more control over the camera. There is always nothing wrong with the popular Instagram but stop there looking for apps. Much more powerful than that is relying on filters to hide errors without taking you to another level of photography.

Search for apps that come to you:

  • Control the shutter speed
  • Take quick pictures
  • Edit field depth
  • Add image stabilization
Bonus tip: why so serious?

In the end, not very serious. If you’re worried about getting a “perfect shot” or what someone else thinks of your photos, you’ll be glad you did. Enjoy taking photos and recording your interests. Skill comes with practice, not frustration.

In the final analysis, it doesn’t matter what others think of your photos. If you are happy with your photos then they are perfect for you.

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