How To Add A Texture To Your Photos – A Tutorial On Adding Photo Editing.


Adding a texture, or design follower is a great way to express your creativity on an image and turn your images into new works of art. This is also very easy in optimal image editing software, which uses the Layers feature (layered tutorial). For this tutorial, I am using Photoshop Elements, but some menu options may have different names in your program, but the basic process should be the same.

What are textiles?

Textures are just another image of a pattern. It could be a close-up shot of a shaggy mess, interesting cloud formations, a flexible iron fence, your pet fur, a brick wall, or anything that has an interesting design or texture for the image. Large articles work great in large design structures such as scenes. While small design structures work best with small subjects such as portraits.

How To Select Images

The first step in adding a texture to your images is to select two images. For this tutorial, I have selected a handful of millionaire backgrounds and a shot as a shiny example. You will need to make some initial adjustments after opening the two images in your edit program.

How To Add A Texture To Your Photos.

Adding a texture to your images Step 2 is to get a layer texture image on your subject image. To use this arrow / selected tool, click on the image of the structure and drag it to the image of the subject. If your program does not allow this feature, you can copy/paste the texture on the theme image. The resulting layer should be at the top of the subject image.

How To Create A Texture In Your Photos.

Step 3 Adding a texture to your image is to adjust the texture capabilities. To adjust the opacity make sure the texture layer is highlighted on the Layers menu (to the right of the description above). Then use the instability slider to adjust the image until you feel it that way.

How To Create A Texture In Your Photos.

Step 4 Adding Made to Your Images Choosing the Focus Area. Many, if not most, images will have a specific area, in which you want to be less affected by the texture. At this stage, we will lose part of the structure so this area of ​​focus is more defined. To ensure that the texture layer will still be selected, use the selected tool of your brush to draw the focus area of ​​your article.

How To Add A Texture To Your Photos.

Step 5 to add a texture to your image is to clear your focus area. Wings using refine edge option selection (make edge less sharp). You can also reduce or decrease the area selected by the contract or extension option. This adjustment will ensure that the fixed image blends well into the focus area without focusing on the selection. Remember to make sure, that you are working on this structure layer. Once you have adjusted the edge of your selection, click OK and select the cleaning tool.

Add Make-Up To Your Photos.

Adding a texture to your photos is to adjust the step 6 exposure. Click on the subject layer of your image and then select Level Options (Level Tutorials). Use surface input to adjust the exposure of your subject layer so that it doesn’t slow down or wash out. You can click on the texture layer and adjust the surface for that layer separately to improve the shape of your composite image.

How To Add A Texture To Your Photos.

Step 7 of adding a texture to your photos is now over! Congratulations, you have added a texture to the image. Note that these images do not appear to be “correct” or “incorrect”. They are an expression of your creativity. You can make your images more bearable by adding things like objects or borders.

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